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History Continued...
Paul's idea was to be an integral part of the community and a big part of the commuters lives. He placed an espresso cart at that train station. During the time of serving commuters, Paul was asked by some to cater. How Ya Bean then purchased more equipment and a second cart and began catering and event services

Robert Kiyosaki- has been my greatest source of motivation. I get the majority of my education in business and investing from Mr. Kiyosaki's books. MC Hammer- One day while donating all the coffee to "The National Day of Prayer" conference in May 2006, MC Hammer came for a cup of coffee. He then spoke, and then returned to explain how he had just had the best cup of coffee in his life. He advised me not to ever give up. Steve Wozniak and a couple of friends (Richard Branson, I think) came up to one of our venues called "The Mountain Winery" in July 2007. Although I don't remember Steve ordering, his friends very cordially did. He said our products are excellent. I knew that I had the right products, but with compliments from a person who has tasted the best life has, it was a huge compliment.           Back...<