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About How Ya Bean Fine Coffee, Espresso, & Smoothies.

Paul Vogt worked in IT at Intuit, Inc. in Mountain View California. He listened in on high level company discussions, took notes, and learned about running a business. Paul played an integral part of running IT as a business. What really propelled Paul to emotionally be prepared for leaving the employee line of work and become a business owner was the education he received by reading and listening to Robert Kiyosaki’s books. Although Paul worked in IT for 5 years, after 4 years Intuit, Inc advised his whole team their positions would be outsourced to IBM. Upon completion of the transition of IT service to IBM, Paul was let go.

How He Did It:
Prior to leaving Intuit, Paul wrote a business plan and presented it to the Altamont Commuter Express, a passenger train bringing commuters to work in the Bay Area from the Central Valley in Northern California. The ACE team was excited and exclaimed that Paul’s business plan was the first one they’d seen although many approached them with the coffee cart idea. A short time later, we signed an agreement. Paul and his wife Hiroe used the severance from Intuit to purchase their espresso cart equipment and How Ya Bean Fine Coffee & Espresso was born in September 2005. The business was quickly recognized by the Tracy Press, saying that How Ya Bean is creative, friendly, and a place where, “everybody knows your name”, recognizing that the workers know the patrons by name as well as their drink.

Why He Did It:
Paul wanted to impact his community of commuters who leave town only to return, go to sleep, and then go to work again, some gone from 5 AM and returning after 7 PM. Paul commuted to work via the ACE train and made many friends. He and the others found that lifestyle to be very taxing on them emotionally.          More...